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Fig Balsamic Vinegar

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  • The greatest Fig Balsamic Vinegar bar none. Think Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella.
  • This sweet fig balsamic pairs delightfully with salads, cheese, veggies, chicken, steak, fish and more.
  • A wonderful salad balsamic, this is absolutely delightful on Brussels Sprouts
  • Blazing Bella Fig Balsamic Vinegar 500 ML (16.9 fluid ounces).
  • Great on a Caprese salad, Blazing Bella Fig Balsamic makes it easy to marinate a chicken, drizzle on veggies, and bring excitement to desserts like strawberry shortcake and ice-cream.

Customer Reviews

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Mario G.
Rich, smooth Full Flavor

My go to salad dressing is fig balsamic vinegar and EVOO. Thick, delicious and full bodied, this Fig Balsamic is the perfect compliment to salads and other foods. It is my favorite fig balsamic because of its luscious ripe fig flavor. Although the price might seem high, It is economical because a simple splash is all that is needed.

A wonderful “figgy” taste

Never met a fig I didn’t like! This balsamic has a wonderful “figgy” taste. A little goes a long way mixed in a salad. Sometimes I drink a very small glass of it after a meal as a digestif. Very good for after-meal digestion. This bottle is going to last quite a while, but I know I will be ordering it again.

Dil D.
The Only Balsamic I Buy

My wife and I love the Fig Balsamic from Blazing Bella. W always used it for straight balsamic and vingar paired with olive and bread but just recently started cooking with it. Our last time we used a touch of balsamic over some chicken and rice for a nice clean yet delicious meal.

Jen M.
Excellent Taste

Delicious and reasonable price for the large bottle of aged gourmet balsamic vinegar. The fig flavor is just amazing - I've been putting it on everything.

Sam M.
Sweet and delightful!

I discovered this at a Food Festival in upstate New York and was asked to write a review.
It's wonderfully sweet and has a great taste that is just lovely on salads and veggies. I like it for dipping when friends are over and ordered a bottle for my friends for Christmas.